Warranty Claim Submission

ARCO Limited Warranty

ARCO Marine warrants all newly manufactured parts sold by authorized dealers to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship for 12 months. All rotating electric parts will receive an additional year of parts warranty when registered within 30 days of purchase. Rotating electric parts can be registered here. This warranty is subject to additional terms described below. Click here to view the ARCO Zeus warranty information.

We believe that the best warranties are the ones you never have to use. However, if we determine an ARCO product to be defective under proper installation and utilization conditions, we are obligated to replace or repair the product or issue a refund of the purchase price. Should a customer endure additional labor costs for a professional installation, ARCO will reimburse said customer. We stand behind our product and its quality.

LABOR Reimbursement

For any ARCO product installed by a dealer or professional installer determined to be defective at the manufacturing level due to materials or workmanship, ARCO will reimburse the customer for reasonable labor charges incurred to replace the part. Labor rates will be based on installers posted shop rate if it its deemed competitive with the local market. Proof of original purchase and pending reinstallation work order must be provided to ARCO. Additionally, the potentially defective part must be sent to ARCO for evaluation. Hourly rates and time required for installation are subject to ARCO deeming them reasonable.

How to File a Part Replacement Only Claim

Please fill out the appropriate claim form using the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page or call ARCO at (850)-455-5476. Upon completion of the necessary online claim form, an RGA Claim number (Return Goods Authorization) will be issued. Place this invoice in your return package. All allegedly defective parts must be sent to ARCO Marine for inspection with proof of purchase.

***For non-Labor claims, the dealer may process their own claim directly with ARCO.

***For non-Labor claims, the distributor may process claims on behalf of the dealer directly with ARCO and process the claim and return the part for further analysis.

How to File a LABOR and Part Replacement Claim

All labor warranty claims are subject to pre-approval. Please select the appropriate Claim Form using the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page to submit your Claim. All allegedly defective parts must be sent to ARCO Marine for inspection.

– The defective part
– Detailed description including:

  • Part numbers
  • Shop labor rate and hours required to install
  • Name of distributor providing the part
  • Name and address of customer and technician that originally installed the part
  • Proof of purchase and installation (original work order)
  • New work order
  • Engine year/make/model and serial number

– Mail all parts and paperwork to:

ARCO Marine
Attn: Warranty
3921 W Navy Blvd
Pensacola FL 32507


– Improper Installation or cut wires
– Improper or abnormal use
– Removal from vessel/engine that they were originally installed
– Submersions
– Damage caused to ARCO part by non-ARCO parts
– Products installed or altered by non-authorized technicians

ARCO's warranty obligation is determined by ARCO and applies only to the replacement or repair of products as stated above. Under no circumstances shall ARCO be liable for any special or punitive consequential damages.

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