End User Warranty Submission Form

As a consumer, you likely don’t know that ARCO marine’s product return rate is less than ½ of 1%! That’s the lowest in the marine parts industry, because we manufacture the highest quality products. In fact, you may have chosen Arco Marine parts because of our 60 year reputation for quality, reliability, and service. What you may not have known when you made your purchase, is that we offer the industry leading Assurance Warranty Program to cover parts and labor on warrantied products. We also offer the Warranty Toolkit, which includes pro-tips, step-by-step guides on ARCO Marine product installation, and toll free technical assistance.

When properly installed, all ARCO Marine products are covered against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months for leisure use, and 90 days for commercial or racing use.

On those rare occasions when you need to return a product, it may well be covered by our Assurance Warranty Program. If you have a product that you believe to be covered by our warranty program and wish to file a claim, please complete the form below.