MRP Policy

Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy To all ARCO Resellers and Distributions

In order to support, protect, and further develop the ARCO Zeus high energy products, we have implemented a Minimum Retail Price Policy (MRP) to support a reasonable retail market value of its Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator, Zeus high output alternators and shunts effective June 1st, 2024.

All US retailers, wholesale customers and resellers shall be subject to this Minimum Retail Price Policy (MRP) as listed in the ARCO pricing. Any retailer, reseller, or other party (including but not limited to Internet retailers and in-store retailers) are required to adhere to this policy. This policy requires that all products advertised in any way (including but not limited to television, radio, newspaper, magazine, social media advertising) or displayed and/or sold to retail customers (including through "business" pricing on any marketplace), not be advertised below the MRP shown in our current pricing. This also includes any online pricing shown in checkout carts.

Limited exceptions to this policy may be offered by ARCO at its sole discretion for a limited period, as agreed to in writing by ARCO to support Zeus high output alternator and Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator bundle. The price on the Zeus alternator can be reduced by up to $100 when sold with a Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator. When the Zeus alternator and Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator are sold in a bundle by a distributor, once a distributor shows proof to ARCO of this bundle sale, they will receive a $100 credit to be used for their next order from ARCO.

If any party violates this policy, ARCO reserves the right to take action unilaterally which may include but not limited to altering a wholesale customer’s status as a dealer or distributor, which could result in a slowed or interrupted supply of ARCO products for a period of time to be determined by ARCO. All US wholesale distributors will be held responsible to adhere to this program by any resellers if they are found to be supplying ARCO products to a reseller who is in violation of ARCO’s MRP Policy. ARCO will notify the offending dealer with notice of action.