What is a Tilt Trim Motor?

What is a Tilt Trim Motor?

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Although we spec, design, and manufacture tilt trim motors, we want you to know the fundamentals of all tilt trim motors.

A tilt trim motor, also known as a tilt and trim motor or power trim motor, is an electric motor used in boats and other watercraft to control the tilt and trim of the outboard or sterndrive engine.

Outboard boeat engine using tilt trim motor

The tilt and trim system allows the operator to adjust the angle of the engine relative to the boat's transom, as well as the trim of the engine in relation to the boat's longitudinal axis. This adjustment helps optimize the boat's performance and handling by allowing the operator to raise or lower the engine and adjust the tilt angle to suit different water conditions, speeds, and loads.

The tilt trim motor is responsible for driving the hydraulic or electric mechanism that controls the movement of the engine. It typically consists of an electric motor, a gearbox, and a set of gears or a hydraulic pump that converts the rotational motion of the motor into the movement required to tilt and trim the engine. The motor is controlled by a switch or buttons on the boat's control panel, allowing the operator to adjust the tilt and trim while underway or at rest.

A properly functioning tilt trim motor is crucial for maintaining safe performance and maneuverability of the boat. If the tilt trim motor malfunctions or fails, it may result in difficulties in raising or lowering the engine, uneven trim, or an inability to adjust the engine angle, which can affect the boat's handling and performance. In such cases, it is necessary to inspect and potentially repair or replace the tilt trim motor to ensure the proper operation of the tilt and trim system.

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