prevent corrosion and water intrusion

Prevent Corrosion and Water Intrusion

Keeping water out of your engine is always a challenge. Over time, water and moisture have a way of getting into your key marine parts. As you know, it just comes with the territory. However, did you know you can prevent corrosion and water intrusion in the parts you choose? Actually, it’s as easy as choosing Arco Marine parts. As a core part of our commitment to quality, we manufacture our parts with corrosion prevention in mind.

5 Ways To Prevent Corrosion and Water Intrusion

Here is a quick list of the top five things to look for in your marine parts that minimize corrosion and prevent water intrusion. We manufacture our marine parts using all five. So, if you're looking for the most reliable parts, here are 5 things to look for.

  1. Stainless Steel. Using marine parts manufactured with stainless steel is a great starting point to prevent corrosion and subsequent water intrusion. Inferior metals simply do not last as long stainless steel, and what may seem like a bargain can cost you a fortune later.
  2. Precision Cuts. How well your marine parts are manufactured makes all the difference in how well they prevent water intrusion. At ARCO, we manufacture parts here in the U.S.A.We use the highest quality machining, for the highest quality precision cuts.
  3. Zinc Based Paint. Zinc based paint reduces corrosion. We use it as a base coating for the exterior of many of our parts.
  4. Water Resistant Powder Coating. As a second coat to our zinc based paint, we developed a process which bakes on an epoxy, powder coated layer. Better yet, we use it inside of some parts so they are able to survive unexpected water intake.
  5. Built-in-drain. Look, some parts can be unexpectedly subjected to too much water. For those parts, we believe the best solution to prevent water intrusion is a built-in-drain. For those instances, ARCO has engineered some of our parts to include a built-in-drain.

At the end of the analysis, choosing quality boat parts can save you time, and give you peace of mind. When you choose ARCO Marine products, you know that quality is just part of what we do.

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