ARCO Marine Introduces the All-New ARCO Zeus High Output Alternators Designed for Maximum Power Generation

ARCO Marine Introduces the All-New ARCO Zeus High Output Alternators Designed for Maximum Power Generation

ARCO Zeus A275L (Large Frame) and A225S (Small Frame) introduce the highest power density of any alternator in its size/class.

Pensacola, FL – 5/1/2024– ARCO Marine, a leading provider of high-quality engine parts and innovative electrical system components, today announced the launch of the ARCO Zeus alternators (A275L and A225S), revolutionary high output alternators designed to meet the growing needs of boaters, RVers, military, and commercial applications.

In 2023, ARCO launched its line of ARCO Zeus high energy products with the ARCO Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator. The Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator was recognized as a true innovation in the marine and RV industries by winning the IBEX innovation award and nomination at METS. “The ARCO Zeus alternators are truly a game changer for those who require exceptional charging performance. The Zeus alternator line is a further development of our commitment to innovation in energy creation and management. Due to the sustained power that our alternators provide, we at ARCO are proud to help users adopt technology that meets the demands of today’s power consumption needs and is one step closer to eliminating the need for a standalone generator.” Said Ben Stoddard, CEO at ARCO Marine. “The A275L and A225S are engineered for high energy production, and energy-savvy users and technicians will be delighted when they see the price.”

A major innovation behind the ARCO Zeus alternator regulators is that they boast the coolest operating temperatures for increased performance. In fact, the ARCO Zeus alternators run 8 – 20% cooler than the competitors. This enables the alternators to produce more amperage for sustained periods. Factors that contribute to this innovation are heat-shedding coatings, the rectifier being located on the exterior of the housing, dual cooling fans, and highest-quality OEM parts.

These alternators come in both internal/external and externally-only regulated models. Although the ARCO Zeus alternators are compatible with other external regulators, now users can optimize their energy systems by bundling with the ARCO Zeus Bluetooth alternator regulator.

 To be used in most user’s vessels and vehicles, these alternators come in a variety of housings. The A275L comes in Dual Foot 3.15” J180 and 4” J180. The A275L is also available in Single Foot 1”-2”, Vortec, Ford Transit, and N62 housing options. The A225S is available in Vortec, Single Foot 1”-2”, and Dual Foot 3.15” J180 housing options.

“During our alternator development, we discovered a gap between published power curves and real-world performance. Further investigation revealed some competitors might be testing under ideal, cooler conditions to inflate output figures.” Said Ben Stoddard, CEO at ARCO Marine. “To ensure our alternators deliver top performance in everyday use, we implemented rigorous internal testing. This process evaluates high-performing components under conditions that replicate real-world scenarios.”

Power curves and testing details are available on the A275L and A225S product pages. To measure sustained HOT output, the alternator is run at 3,000 RPMs for 60 minutes with a plexiglass shield covering the units. Testing shows that after 60 minutes in these conditions, alternators reach their maximum operating temperature. It is under these harsh conditions where we measure the “HOT” output of the units at various RPMs. The complete power “COLD” testing was done at 71° F (21.5° C).

ARCO Marine is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of innovative electrical systems and high-quality engine parts designed to meet the needs of users of all levels. The company offers a wide range of products, including alternators, regulators, starters, motors, and more. ARCO Marine is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable products that help boaters and RVers enjoy their time on the water and road. Users are encouraged to reach out to ARCO Marine with any questions.

You can view the ARCO Zeus A275L here:

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Matt Penico

Marketing Director