ARCO Launches the Zeus High Energy Alternator Regulator: The Fastest and Safest Way to Charge Your Batteries and Optimize Your Alternator Output

ARCO Launches the Zeus High Energy Alternator Regulator: The Fastest and Safest Way to Charge Your Batteries and Optimize Your Alternator Output

Pensacola, FL. – September 28th, 2023 - For over 60 years ARCO has manufactured, designed and engineered starting and charging high-quality boat engine parts with the mission to deliver users peace of mind when using their parts. In a new chapter for ARCO, they have launched a line of High-Energy products, starting with the ARCO Zeus High-Energy Alternator Regulator. Zeus is the first alternator regulator to feature a password-protected Bluetooth connection. With many firsts in features with Zeus, this singular feature will truly change the way that people regulate their batteries, alternators, and engines in real-time. With the swipe of a finger on the native app (iOS or Android), they can change the amperage output or battery charging settings without plugging into the regulator.

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Due to ARCO’s prioritization of peace of mind to their users, with years of research and development, they identified a need in the current high-energy alternator regulator lineup and designed a product that caters to the demands of off grid modern-day energy generation and consumption. With ARCO’s Zeus High-Energy Alternator Regulator, users have peace of mind in the safety of their energy systems. Zeus provides more information to its users enabling them to regulate their system and optimize their battery charge and alternator output resulting in a safer experience while protecting their energy system investment.

ARCO’s Zeus is the only high-energy alternator regulator to feature Bluetooth connectivity and a native app allowing for easy installation and configuration. As an added layer of security, users will set their unique PIN before making changes to their settings via Bluetooth, to ensure that only authorized users can adjust settings.

“The ARCO Zeus has been years in the making. I could not be prouder of our development team, our partners, and the product that we developed. The ARCO Zeus has been engineered and built for the rigors over the road and on the water. Performance with safety have been paramount to the product, but the true magic of ARCO Zeus is the power of the Technician’s ease of installation and the End-User's continued use,” says Ben Stoddard, CEO of ARCO.

Due to its powerful password-protected Bluetooth connection and Native mobile application, users can install, configure, and update their alternator regulator without opening the device, plugging into it with a computer featuring a specific operating system or using magnetic fields. They will only need to download the ARCO Zeus app, connect to their regulator via Bluetooth and get started. Average setup time takes 5 minutes.

Zeus is truly in a league or category of its own when regulating your system. Your need to add special state of charge products into your system is migrating due to Zeus’ ability to measure state of charge. If you already have a Victron system, Zeus is fully compatible.  Zeus is the only alternator regulator that can read 2 shunts at a time (the battery shunt and alternator shunt). This feature enables Zeus to react to inputs from the battery current/temperature and alternator current/temperature. Zeus is also waterproof through its IP66 enclosure with IP67 connectors. Zeus optimizes battery charges for 12-48 volt systems.

Purpose-built for peace of mind, Zeus features a data-logging option where system performance data is automatically logged and then with the push of a button, users can share the logs with their technicians for remote troubleshooting or adjustments. Users also have the ability to remotely import configurations from their technicians. When users are setting up Zeus through the native app, they will see pre-set battery chemistry libraries as well as the option to enter custom battery settings. Zeus is compatible with most battery chemistries including LiFePO4, AGM and traditional lead-acid.

Another industry first and commitment to sustainability, users can enable Generator Mode™. With Generator Mode enabled, the alternator will maximize the engine’s power and send up to 100% of the field into charging their batteries, while using significantly less fuel to produce that energy.

If you or your customers are looking for a safe, easy to use and install, and cost-effective solution to managing power for boats, vans or RVs, Zeus is sold through ARCO’s value added distributor channel. For any questions related to Zeus, please contact ARCO at – (800) 722-2720. Learn more about ARCO Zeus at

Matt Penico

ARCO Marketing Director