ARCO NEW OEM Premium Replacement Ignition Coil for Mercury Outboard Engines - IG002


ARCO Part #IG002

Ignition Coil for Mercury Outboard Engine

Fits: 1970-2006 (6-40HP – 2 Cyl.) 1976-1997 (45-90HP – 3 Cyl.) 1976-1997 (45-125HP – 4 Cyl.) 1976-2000 (90-225HP – 6 Cyl.)

Replaces Part Numbers:

MERCURY Ignition Coil 339-832757A4
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A8
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A2
MERCURY Ignition Coil 4995A2
MERCURY Ignition Coil 4995A2
MERCURY Ignition Coil 4774A1
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A6
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A19
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A16
MERCURY Ignition Coil 832757A3
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A23
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370A17
MERCURY Ignition Coil F718475
MERCURY Ignition Coil 832757B4
MERCURY Ignition Coil 7370B13
SIERRA Ignition Coil 18-5186


We believe that the best warranties are the ones you never have to use. However, if we determine an ARCO product to be defective under proper installation and utilization conditions, we are obligated to replace or repair the product or issue a refund of the purchase price. Should a customer endure additional labor costs for a professional installation, ARCO will reimburse said customer. We stand behind our product and its quality.

ARCO Marine is a USA based manufacturer located in Pensacola FL. Established in 1960, we were pioneers in the O/E replacement parts segment and have a reputation synonymous with premium quality and part reliability. We over engineer our parts to exceed and outlast O/E standards, oftentimes engineering out any part deficiencies. We use only the best input components and every part that ships out of our warehouse has been tested prior to boxing which provides us with some of the lowest failure rates in the marine engine parts industry.