Why We Rock!

Why We Rock!

Quality is the #1 Priority For Marine Dealers and Installers

In the fall of 2022, we surveyed dealers, technicians, end user customers, and distributors on what they prioritized when deciding on using a boat engine part supplier.

Chart showing dealers choose quality first

Of those responses, “Quality” was the overwhelming factor when deciding on a supplier. This was great news for us to see, considering Quality and Reliability are the differentiating factors between our parts and competitors. Although our parts are competitive in price with OEM and other aftermarket suppliers, we really focus on the quality of our parts as the main focus.

We have a strong technical edge over our competitors through in-house manufacturing, in-house testing, and in-house technical support. We are not satisfied with only meeting OE standards, but we aim to exceed those. A great example of this is the 30470-A inboard starter for Mercury, Volvo, OMC and other engines.

We improve upon OEM standards of this part by anodizing the casting, using a nickel plated brush holder, drilling an additional hole for draining, adding protective painting for rust and corrosion protection, and added a mounting bolt kit

Our goal is the satisfaction of our part by keeping boaters on the water. If an issue does arise, we have in-house technicians that provide our industry leading technical support and best in class warranty. We are not only committed to quality, but it is the foundation of our brand.

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