arco marine 2022 product catalog

The NEW ARCO Marine Product Catalog

Presenting the NEW ARCO Marine Product Catalog

presenting arco marine's 2022 product catalog


ARCO Marine, the industry leader in rotating electric products is proud to announce the release of their NEW, full-line product catalog. While the catalog is complete, supply chain issues will delay distribution of printed copies until later in the season. But first, we wanted to give our customers a sneak peek before we bring it to the public! It’s been a few years since we printed a catalog. So, with all the resource improvements and new products we have been bringing to our customers, we knew we needed to create this new catalog! Here is an overview of the new ARCO Marine Product Catalog.

ARCO Marine products are listed by engine brand, instead of the ARCO part number. This makes it easier for you to search the catalog for the specific part you need if you don't have detailed engine information handy.


arco marine 2022 product catalog

An updated Engine Application Guide is now published in the front of the catalog. This is a great resource for finding the exact part you need if you know the engine brand, HP or, year, and serial number. With that information, this application guide will show you every ARCO product available for your engine.


arco marine 2022 product catalog marine boat parts


Introducing the ARCO Marine Engine Search Application Guide

In December 2021, we launched an online Application Guide resource on our website. This resource is yet another tool that helps you find the part you are looking for. We have received overwhelming positive feedback on this resource. So, give it a test drive and find the products ARCO offers for your engine! Search (


arco marine 2022 product catalog marine replacement parts


Enhancements to the ARCO Marine Product Information  

  • A large image of the product – we show mounting position and connections.
  • Product details were added – examples like gear tooth count, pulley sizes, lead wire count.
  • Fitment details – we added the engine data for the correct application.
  • Replacement Part Numbers – we show the OEM and aftermarket replacement numbers, which allows you to verify you have selected the correct part based on a factory part number.
  • Complementary Parts – we show you service parts for the product you chose, plus the solenoids or relays you should also update with this product installation.


arco marine 2022 product catalog marine replacement parts


At the end of the catalog, we added an updated Part Number Quick Reference. You can use this for cross-referencing an OEM or aftermarket part number to the ARCO part number. Listed by engine brand, you can quickly search the OEM part number for the ARCO replacement part.


arco marine 2022 product catalog


The NEW ARCO Marine Product Catalog is currently available for use on our website. So, click the link below and check it out!

ARCO Marine continues to lead the way in the rotating electric marine replacement parts industry. For more than 60 years, we have been manufacturing the highest quality boat engine replacement parts available. We proudly manufacture products right here in America. Today, ARCO Marine continues to focus on the future by developing new, innovative products. With all of the replacement parts we manufacture, our goal is to exceed OEM standards. We have always had the highest quality parts and the NEW ARCO Marine Product Catalog is just another resource we have developed to support our valued customers! 


View our new and improved Product Catalog HERE!  You may also be interested in our Tech Tips Landing Page and Blog Posts, as well as, our YouTube Channel with plenty of helpful videos.