ARCO production processes set gold standard in replacement marine parts

ARCO's Processes set Gold Standard in Marine Replacement Parts

Highest Quality Alternators, Inboard Starters, Outboard Starters, and Tilt Trim Motors.

For more than 60 years, ARCO Marine has been the trusted source for the highest quality marine replacement parts. We manufacture and design every part to meet or exceed OEM standards. We have set the gold standard in the marine industry for replacement parts. Our commitment to quality can be found in every phase of our operation, from design to order fulfillment. Our entire process takes place right here in the U.S.A, at our headquarters in Pensacola, Florida. Very few of our competitors can make that claim.

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Operation and Process: How We Make the Highest Quality Marine Replacement Parts

ARCO Marine has a proven, time-tested process and operation. That's how we manufacture the highest quality replacement alternators, inboard starters, outboard starters, and tilt trim motors in the industry. Listed below, we will take you through each element of our process. You will see how attention to finer details sets us apart from most manufacturers. Oftentimes, the quality we deliver is in the details you can't see. This process description will show you some of those details, and understand why ARCO has been synonymous with quality for more than 60 years.

Engineering and Design

Arco's engineering team brings over 30 years experience in motor design and electronic manufacturing processes. They work closely with our manufacturing team to oversee and verify each stage of the product build. They also assist in the design of test stations and production fixtures for the production areas. Their support and oversight ensures that ARCO products are designed and manufactured to the quality standards you have come to expect from us. As a result, ARCO Marine continues to be the name that represents the highest quality marine replacement parts in the industry.

Procurement Department

Our Procurement Department sources only materials that ensure the highest quality in every ARCO product. They have years of experience and technical knowledge of our product line. This department ensures that our products are always built using the very best components available. They also build relationships with our material suppliers based on an understanding of our mission. Those suppliers understand that we only want the very best components in our products. 

Our In-House Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop team helps with the design modifications to the "raw goods". They also prepare some of the starter housings and other components of our products. In doing so, they prepare those products to meet all ABYC standards. This team also builds specialized fixtures for the production area, and stands ready to handle any project given to them.

Our Production Team

Our production technicians are committed to building the best products available in the marine industry. Their attention to detail at each stage of the build process is crucial to our success. That's how we have maintained a reputation for the highest quality marine replacement parts for over 60 years. As a result, the ARCO name has also come to mean reliability and peace of mind for our customers. At every stage of manufacturing, each product is tested for acceptance before it moves to the next phase of our process. Our production technicians work together to ensure every ARCO product meets our standard of excellence. 

Paint and Package

These final steps are what set us apart from many of our competitors. At ARCO Marine, we design our parts to withstand the harsh marine environment. That means lasting reliability and long-term value for our customers. To start, the individual components inside our products undergo a zinc coating process. This coating process provides an exceptional layer of protection for the internal components of our parts. However, that is only where the protection begins. After the final build and the product has passed all dynamic tests, we coat each part with epoxy paint. This second layer of the highest marine grade paint provides yet another layer of corrosion prevention to our finished parts.

Final Inspection and Packaging

The final stage of our process takes place in our Packaging Warehouse. Here, we give the product a final inspection and package it. We then add the hardware and instructions to the package. Lastly, we label the package to make it ready for the customer. Our goal is to ship every order within 48 hours of receipt. 

The ARCO Marine Advantage

We manufacture and warehouse our products to a 6-12 month forecast. That means we have product available at all times. That said, purchasing an ARCO product has never been easier. Just visit our website at, search for the product you need, and add it to the cart. You can also purchase ARCO products through our authorized distribution partners and various e-commerce channels.


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