ARCO Marine at Trade Shows 2021 marine dealers

ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021

ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021

Arco Marine’s Sales Leader, Thomas “T.J.” James was excited to get back to the ARCO trade show tour in 2021. His plan was simply to engage as many dealers as possible and educate them about ARCO’s products and resources. He went to show them advanced functions of ARCO’s website, the parts catalog, and the technical service manual. Most importantly, TJ went to talk to dealers about the unique quality of ARCO Marine products. “We produce the highest quality rotating electrical marine parts in the industry because we manufacture them right here in the US. We perform tests at every stage of manufacturing before a product is packaged in a finished goods box.” said TJ. 

TJ summed up his approach to the 2021 marine trade shows with a few simple points. “We want dealers to truly understand what ARCO brings them for their peace of mind. When they purchase an ARCO product, they know they are buying the highest quality product with the highest level of factory support. I am confident that if I can just educate dealers about ARCO, they will appreciate the genuine quality that ARCO offers.”


The Donovan Marine Dealer Roadshow

Donovan Marine is excited to return to the road in 2021, as their traveling trade show tour covers 15 cities throughout the US from July through November. The Roadshow is out meeting with regional dealers in the cities and surrounding areas that they visit. At each of the Donovan Marine shows TJ was focused on meeting with ARCO and other vendors and suppliers who were in attendance. As each Donovan show is a one day event, those in attendance came prepared to write business. It offers a unique way to host a traveling roadshow in some great cities.


ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021 Stops

Knoxville, TN.  TJ was able to personally attend and connect with dozens of dealers.

Bowling Green, KY.  TJ also attended this roadshow stop, hosted at the National Corvette Museum. At this show, he was able to connect with another 50 dealers. “They were there to write business but had the privilege of driving a new corvette car on the corvette museum road track.”, TJ said smiling. “I had some great dialogue with dealers at that show. They had great questions about ARCO products and I was able to share what’s new and what’s coming out. That show was very productive for ARCO”, concluded TJ.

Talladega Superspeedway, AL.  At this unique show, ARCO was represented by 17 year company veteran Kenny Tummler. At this show, dealers in attendance could write business and meet vendors just like the other shows. However, at this show, they had the opportunity to drive a race car on the Talladega Superspeedway through the “Talladega Garage Experience”.  Kenny reported that the event was “a really positive way to do a tradeshow.”


ARCO representatives traveled to the southeast to all of the regional shows they could get to.  As the show moves to northern cities, ARCO Marine will be represented by Midwest Outdoor Marketing at several Donovan stops, as well as, the Atlantic Marketing Company, who will attend other stops in the northeast.


ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021 – Hannay’s Dealer Show

The Hannay’s Dealer show was held on September 14-15, 2021 in Alexandria, MN. At this show, ARCO was represented by Midwest Outdoor Marketing’s Nick Grove. Nick reported that there were more than 100 dealers at the show and that he had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with several dealers. Nick said his main focus was the ARCO value proposition of awareness and accessibility. The awareness part is educating dealers about ARCO quality. The accessibility part is showing dealers how we have the parts to fill their orders. All in all, Nick said dealers appear to be ready to get back to trade shows and out of their shops again!


ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021 – Northern Wholesale Supply Dealer

This show was also attended by Nick Gove of Midwest Outdoor Marketing. Northern Wholesale is a new partner with ARCO, so this was a first time to present at their trade show and Nick was able to promote ARCO to the dealers in attendance. Nick reports positive feedback from his dealer interactions.


ARCO Trade Show Tour 2021 – IBEX (International Boatbuilders Expo)

The International Boatbuilders Exposition was held in the Tampa Convention Center, with 3 floors of exhibitors.  Unfortunately, due to worldwide travel conditions, many international customers were unable to attend. Regardless, ARCO had an exhibit which displayed their product line.  The majority of attendees of the IBEX event were distributors and boat builders.

IBEX was a very busy show for the first two days (of a 3 days show), giving them a chance to meet with customers and network with new opportunities.  IBEX also offered industry breakfasts with guest speakers, including the governor of FL and president of NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association). There were presentations and awards for industry leaders who were being recognized by IBEX.  For ARCO, TJ focused his attention on their customers and creating new opportunities.


US Distributing / Marine Wholesale Inc. Dealer Show

Sister companies US Distributing and Marine Wholesale collaborated to create one event for customers of both companies that attracted more than 300 attendees.  At this show, TJ conducted an ARCO Sales/Technical Presentation to over 150 dealers in attendance at the training seminars. He received both great questions and feedback from the audience.  “Even though it was a 1 day event and most dealers were writing orders, I feel we reconnected with some dealers with our products and services at that show,'' said James.

LNS Marine and RV Dealer Show

Although the physical show was cancelled, a virtual show was held October 14-15. ARCO set up a virtual booth where they had factory and sales representatives ready to answer questions. In the past, in-person versions of LNS shows have been some of the strongest in the industry, typically attracting more than 600 dealers. Unfortunately, it was challenging to connect with dealers in the virtual version of the show, and they look forward to next year.


Upcoming Arco Trade Show Tour Stops - At a Glance:

1.) LNS Marine – Midwest Dealer Show – Will also be virtual, but will hold a physical show in CT. LNS Marine usually has 4 shows per year, 3 in the US and 1 in Canada. For this year, CA, NV, and OH are cancelled, but CT will have a physical trade show.

2.) Mesco (Marine Equipment and Supply Company) Dealer Show – 11/10 to 11/12, Atlantic City. TJ will be representing ARCO.

3.) Land and Sea Distributing: Kellogg Marine Supply Dealer Show, 11/18-19 in CT. TJ will be attending.

4.) Paxton Company Dealer, 11/4 in Virginia Beach, VA. (Atlantic Marketing Company will represent ARCO at this Show)


For 60 years, ARCO has been obsessed with manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable marine parts available. Our commitment to the reliability of our products is backed by a parts and labor guarantee.  By attending these Industry Trade Show, whether in-person or via a virtual format, ARCO truly wants to help dealers understand the high quality and performance that ARCO brings to help give them peace of mind.  As TJ said, "When they purchase an ARCO product, they know they are buying the highest quality product with the highest level of factory support."  ARCO's #1 wish is to continue to educate dealers about ARCO so "they will appreciate the genuine quality that ARCO offers."   


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