ARCO Marine welcomes Ben Stoddard as VP of Ops and New Product Development

ARCO Welcomes Ben Stoddard as VP of Operations & New Product Development

Ben Stoddard - VP of Operations and New Product Development

To begin the new year, ARCO Marine is proud to announce it has named Ben Stoddard as VP of Operations and New Product Development. This appointment will continue ARCO Marine's commitment to quality with one eye on the future of the marine industry. "We are excited about the experience, expertise, and genuine love for boating that Ben brings to the ARCO Marine team." 

In addition to his unique resume, Mr. Stoddard has been a boat lover and enthusiast his entire life. He also brings an impressive resume of accomplishments and credentials directly applicable to the marine parts industry. "That's why we are confident Ben will be a key player in our long-term future at Arco Marine."

ARCO Marine Chooses Ben Stoddard as VP of Operations & New Product Development

Growing up on the water had a profound impact on Ben's choice to pursue a career in the marine industry. He completed a liberal arts education before following his passion and returning to a school for boat building. After gaining practical work experience, Ben pursued a degree in design. Later, he attended a program for automated manufacturing and advanced composites. In 2018, Ben earned his MBA from a top tier business school in Entrepreneurship. As you can see, Ben's path was always growing his knowledge and skill sets in order to further his growth in the marine industry. Based on his life's studies, Ben Stoddard was simply the ideal candidate for VP of Operations & New Product Development for ARCO Marine's future. 

Ben Stoddard Chooses ARCO Marine

"It was an easy decision for me to join ARCO Marine", said Stoddard. "Once I met the men and women behind the reputable products, I knew it was a fit." Stoddard also said that ARCO Marine represents the "entrepreneurial spirit, American manufacturing, and quality products" he wants to invest his "skill sets and life’s energy" into. Obviously, that's a big endorsement from such an accomplished man. "The company has a 60 year reputation, and one that I can directly impact with my background in operations, product development, and general business practice. They have a long road behind them and a runway ahead.", added Stoddard in praise of his choice.

A Shared Vision For the Future of ARCO Marine

Ben Stoddard being VP of Operations at ARCO Marine was a natural fit. ARCO Marine has been manufacturing the highest quality marine parts for 60 years, and manufactures parts right here in the USA. When asked about his vision for ARCO Marine's future, Stoddard said he "welcomed the challenge of streamlining operations, introducing new products, and creating systems that simultaneously enhance the quality of our products." With his eye on expanding ARCO's reach, Stoddard also added that he is "excited to build relationships with our customers, dealers, and distributors, both existing and those to come!" Arco Marine congratulates Ben Stoddard on his appointment as VP of Operations & New Product Dev, and looks forward to his expertise and leadership.