New Leadership Team for 2021 Boating Season

ARCO Marine Leadership Expands for 2021


ARCO Marine Leadership Team Expands For 2021

As we tackle the beginning of the 2021 boating season, we are proud to announce some key additions to the ARCO Marine leadership team. Of course, we continue to deliver the highest quality boat replacement parts in the industry. Our focus in 2021 is to bring new ideas and products to the market as well. These additions will help us realize our vision of commitment to the highest quality and expanded product innovations.

Left to right: Ben Stoddard, VP of Operations; Jason Crawford, President; Bryan Ley, Executive Vice President; Pete Ross, General Manager; Marty Smith, Director of Manufacturing; Thomas "T.J." James, Vice President of Sales; 

Ben Stoddard, Vice President of Operations and New Product Development

Ben Stoddard has been in the boating industry for more than 20 years. He has experience in a variety of capacities, ranging from managing boat yards and bottom painting boats, all the way to becoming a vice president of a naval architecture firm. In short, Ben brings a long and impressive resume of accomplishments and experience in the marine industry. ARCO Marine is fortunate to have him aboard. Ben has learned about boating from the bottom up and understands the finer points of the entire marine industry.

"One of the things I am most excited about now is all the products we have on the drawing board to develop.", said Stoddard. "Some of the products are in our general wheelhouse, and there are new ones outside of our typical space that are going to really contribute to the marine industry as a whole". Ben has a commitment to continuing ARCO's 60 year history of quality and commitment. He believes in manufacturing the highest quality boat replacement parts in the industry, right here in the U.S.A. As part of the ARCO Marine 2021 vision for the future, Ben is playing a leadership role in developing product innovations that will set new standards in the marine industry.


Marty Smith, Director of Manufacturing

Marty Smith brings more than 30 years of experience in automotive and aerospace manufacturing to ARCO Marine. "I am excited to join the ARCO team because of their focus on quality, products, and people." Marty's expertise is already playing a key role in the development of new products and manufacturing processes. These developments will make ARCO Marine the leader of the boat replacement parts industry's future. As you might expect, Marty is a man who lets the quality of his work speak for him.


Thomas "T.J." James, Sales Leader 

T.J. has spent more than 30 years in the marine industry. Not surprisingly, T.J. brings a great reputation and a long list of established relationships with marine industry professionals. "Over all these years, I have always respected the ARCO name and the quality of their products.", said James. He was excited when the opportunity to join the ARCO team presented itself. He saw the opportunity to bring "new products and new ideas to this marine industry". "My primary goal is to take care of our customers. Whether it's the weekend warrior, the service shop, the distribution channel, or the OEM provider, my goal is to make sure those guys are satisfied with ARCO products, services, and support."

As the 2021 boating season gets underway, we are pleased to introduce these newest members of the 2021 ARCO Marine leadership team. With their expertise, the ARCO Marine name will continue to be a symbol of quality in the marine industry. In addition, the ARCO name will become a symbol of the future of cutting-edge boat replacement parts. ARCO Marine is excited to introduce these leaders and looks forward to their contributions to our continued success.


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