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ARCO Marine Engine Application Search Feature

Introducing ARCO Marine’s Newest Website Resource. The Marine Engine Application Search Feature.


ARCO Marine is a leader in the marine replacement parts industry. We are constantly striving to improve the tools and resources available for use by professionals and boat owners. To that end, we recently added an engine part lookup feature to our website called the ARCO Engine Application Search and have committed to weekly new engine updates on a weekly basis. This easy-to-use online search tool allows you to quickly find the OEM quality replacement parts you are looking for. Just select the engine manufacturer, year, and model, and our search tool will provide results for ARCO Marine engine products appropriate for the specific engine part you need to replace.

arco marine advanced marine replacement part search function

OK, let’s start with a quick example of how the engine search feature works. Let’s say you need a starter for a 1991, 40HP Yamaha outboard motor.


Search By Manufacturer

The search tool contains drop down selections for each engine category. That allows you to drill down to the exact engine size and model and find the exact part you need. First, select your motor brand by manufacturer name. For our example, we will select Yamaha. Without entering the year or model, your search query will return all results for Yamaha marine engine replacement parts. This is only the first step in narrowing your search.

arco marine advanced part search replacement boat parts

Search by Year

Next, select the year or the engine model of the engine (ex. 1991). For the example below, we will enter only the year. As you can see, the feature returned a result for all 1991 engines. It includes all of matching models and OEM quality replacement parts available at Arco Marine. However, we can narrow our search even further with a final step.

advanced boat part search feature arco marine replacement boat parts

Search By Model

Now, using the Engine Model dropdown, select the exact model of your engine. For our example, we have entered the 40HP model. The refined search results will return the exact replacement parts available from ARCO. Available parts are listed by part number in blue. By hovering over the blue part number link, an image of the part will appear.

advanced model number search boat replacement parts oem arco marine


Now, for specific information on a particular part, simply click on the part number itself.  You will be directed to a dedicated page that contains a detailed, 360° image of the part.  You will also find OEM and competitor part numbers and a suggested retail price.  Finally, you can find a distributor where you can purchase the ARCO part, and an installer to professionally install it.

arco marine's advanced replacement boat part search feature


At ARCO Marine, our goal is to provide you with the best tools and resources available to help you find the correct ARCO product. Our Engine Application Search Feature is just another way we make finding the best marine replacement parts easy, and you can access this new advanced search feature HERE or from our navigation bar. If you’re looking for the highest quality marine replacement parts, you have come to the right place - and now ARCO offers many ways to help you find what you need.

As always, we are here to help you. Just call us at 1.800.722.2720 to speak with any of our knowledgeable and helpful Support Technicians. At ARCO Marine, quality is our legacy!  

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