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ARCO Boat Parts to Stock at your Dealership


Boat Parts To Stock At Your Dealership

At ARCO Marine, we listen to our customers. That includes everyone from individual boat owners to dealers and distributors. Our Sales Team told us that the question they hear from dealers the most is, “What boat parts should I stock at my dealership?” In response, we’ve put together a quick tutorial. Here's what we believe to be the boat parts that are essential to have in stock to start the boating season.

What Boat Parts To Stock At Your Dealership?

The smartest thing to do is stock parts that fit multiple common engines. In other words, they fit a wide array of horsepower ranges. Having these parts in stock could save you and your customer down time. Sometimes that customer's time is money, and not having the part in stock can cost you the sale altogether. To be clear, ARCO Marine offers hundreds of individual boat parts, so this list is just the beginning!

A Quick Guide on Boat Parts To Stock At Your Dealership?

Let's start with the Inboard starter 30470-A. This starter features a staggered bolt pattern comparable to the GM High Performance starter for 3.0 to 8.1 liter engines. This inboard starter is both powerful and versatile.

Next up is the very popular 3433 Yamaha Outboard starter. It fits a wide horsepower range from 150 to 250 Horsepower, making it a versatile replacement choice. Having it in stock will mean quick repair for a wide range of engines.

When it comes to Alternators, we offer the 60060 55 AMP. It will excel on any GM engine with a 2 inch mounting foot, regardless of manufacturer.

Last, let's talk about Tilt/Trim motors. The 6258 is used on Yamaha's 75 to 90 Horsepower Outboard motor. The 6250 is installed on Mercury's 135 to 250 Horsepower Outboard motors. 

Y’all, I know the popularity of these part numbers will vary from region to region, and according to what you sell and service. If you have any questions contact us at 1-800-722-2720.  We'd be happy to talk about our exceptional inventory.

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