ARCO Marine delivering peace of mind with quality and warranty program

A Deep Dive into ARCO Marine's Warranty Program

ARCO Marine Product Warranty Program Delivers Peace of Mind

ARCO Marine has been committed to ensuring you get the most out of your ARCO products for more than 60 years. We have always delivered the highest quality marine parts available. In addition, ARCO Marine delivers "peace of mind" to every end user and professional installer. We do so by supporting our products with our industry leading ARCO Marine warranty program known as ARCO Assurance.

We believe the best warranties are the ones you never have to use. All ARCO products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards. Our products carry a warranty failure rate of less than ½ of 1%; the lowest in the marine parts industry. When properly installed, all ARCO products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship failure for 12 months from the date of installation. (90 days for commercial or racing applications). Please review the ARCO Assurance warranty program for more detailed information. 

Receive an additional year of parts warranty when registering your rotating electric part within 30 days of purchase. Register your part here.

ARCO Marine Warranty Program Claim Process

Before you contact us or file a claim, please review the terms of the ARCO Assurance warranty program. You may just find all of the answers you need right there. 

Regardless, if you suspect a failure with an ARCO product, it is easy to start the claims process. To begin, call our Warranty Support department to discuss the issues you are experiencing with your engine or the ARCO part. Our team of experts are the best in the marine parts industry. They will help you troubleshoot and diagnose the problem you are having with your installation or engine performance. Often times, our experts find that the ARCO product is not the cause of the issue you are experiencing! Nevertheless, we are always happy to assist you.

Once you have discussed the issue with our team, they will decide if you have a true warranty issue. If our team agrees with your warranty concern, they will direct you to our website to file a claim. Just visit and select NEW WARRANTY PROGRAM from the dropdown menu. Next, select the WARRANTY CLAIM SUBMISSION
form. At the bottom of that page, simply choose the appropriate form. One form is for END USER / CONSUMER and the other is for PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER / DEALER. 

ARCO Marine Warranty Program END USER / CONSUMER Claim

Step 1: Ensure that you are completing the correct form for your claim. Also, please fill out the form completely to expedite the claim process.

Step 2: Once you submit the form, an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number will be emailed to the address you provide on the form. Please write this number on the outside of the package used for returning the product for review.

Step 3: Securely package the product for shipping return to ARCO. Make sure that it securely packaged to protect it from damage due to shipping. We will not be liable for product damage caused during shipping.

Step 4: Once the product is returned to ARCO, our warranty department will begin their analysis of the product. All warranty returns are subject to a series of tests, including visual inspection, functionality tests, and dynamic testing. These tests allow our team of experts to determine whether the fault was due to workmanship or material failure in the product.

Step 5: Within 48 hours of receipt of your warranty claim, our team will contact you to discuss the fault found with the product. After this communication, and the approval of your true warranty claim by ARCO, we will ship a new replacement part to you at no charge.


For a PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER / DEALER claim, begin by completing each of the steps above. 

However, for professional installer, it doesn't end there. We know your time is valuable. For professional installers, we offer our labor reimbursement program. If our team determines the ARCO product failed due to materials or workmanship, ARCO will reimburse your business at a reasonable labor rate for the time incurred installing the ARCO product.

To file a labor reimbursement claim, visit our website and follow the instructions on the PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER / DEALER form found under the New Warranty Program section.

The ARCO Assurance Warranty Program

Let us say it again. We believe the best warranties are the ones you never have to use! Honestly, it's our confidence in the quality of our products that allows us to offer our industry leading warranty program. We deliver our reputation for quality and dependability in every product. However, if we determine an ARCO product to be defective under proper installation and utilization conditions, we will replace, repair, or issue a refund of the purchase price. We stand behind our products and their quality.


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